The Roles of the Entrepreneur’s Spouse

Be honest, relationships are hard. It is hard enough to maintain a relationship with someone without external obstacles. For people who are trying to be entrepreneurs, relationships can be even harder. We love our business (or just our business idea), we work long hours, we give our emotional and physical efforts to see our business succeed. Being in a relationship with a person and a business at the same time, is even harder. Therefore, to really succeed at both, entrepreneurs need to have a spouse that not only supports them, but supports their business. The person that is closest to an aspiring entrepreneur are often those who have the most influence  in their lives. A supportive spouse must play multiple roles to contribute to the success of the business.

When a entrepreneur is married, their husband or wife can be the motivation that determines the success or failure of a business endeavor. Regarding the daily routine of an entrepreneur, lets call it what it is. Up before most, an entrepreneur is probably up early in the morning to get a great start on the day. Whether its going to his/her own office, or working from home, they focus on their business, and everything else (during the workday) most likely comes secondary. Long hours is a must, and working late nights is an understatement. Therefore, with all this being said, the entrepreneur’s spouse must understand, appreciate, and fully-support the entrepreneurial aspirations.

You may need to be the cook, the secretary, the personal trainer/dietician, or motivational speaker all at the same time. When an entrepreneur is caught up in the daily grind of business, they lose track of other important things in life. A spouse often needs to keep them in line. [The video below better describes the roles of a spouse, in a comical way]

Not yet married, I am fortunate enough to be in a relationship with someone who not only supports me in my entrepreneurial ventures, but motivates and encourages me. (Note: That is not me in the picture at the top of this post.) This appreciation and support not only assists me in staying motivated, but provides me an emotional outlet for the rough times of business. Furthermore, knowing that someone will be there even if the business fails is an astounding feeling. (To my girlfriend, “Thank you for all your support”)

So basically what I am saying is that if you are a spouse to an entrepreneur, understand the roles that you play in the entrepreneur’s business endeavor. You matter! Not only to the success of the relationship, but to the success of the business! Whether it is doing the small things, like giving words of motivation or keeping food in the fridge, an entrepreneur needs you. Understand what the end goals are, understand that you are appreciated, and understand that your actions directly affect the success of the business.

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