Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I must admit that it has been too long since I wrote my last blog post. As I have no worthy excuse, I have been busy working on some new things. This post is being written as a result of an event that I wish had not come so soon. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away. For all of us who have ever owned an Apple product or admired one, we all understand the level of innovation that the world has lost. More so, for hopeful entrepreneurs, visionaries and CEOs, we have lost one of the greatest examples of our time.

As much as I am remembering the great contributions that Mr. Jobs provided us, I am also remembering how he demonstrated the importance of determination, hard work, big vision, appreciation of design, understanding user experience and intent, as well as creating a great product. I created this blog to share my experiences as an entrepreneur and teach all the lessons that I am learning along the way. One lesson that I have learned time and time again is to learn from smart people. Not just from people with high IQs or good grades in school, but smart people. People who understand other people. People who strive to create products that change the world. People like Steve Jobs.

One of the greatest speeches I have ever watched included Mr. Jobs at the 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. As one of millions of viewers of this video, I too have sincerely appreciated his wisdom and advice. As entrepreneurs, we all will go through the ups and downs. We will all have our struggles in our journey of building a great company. Steve Jobs did all of these things. I have included his video from the commencement speech so that you can appreciate his wisdom. Four words that he used will always stand out to me. I think it truly exemplifies what entrepreneurs must ALWAYS do in order to succeed.

“…stay hungry, stay foolish.”

– Steve Jobs


And in case you were wondering, I am back on by blogging game. One of the many things that I take away from this sad event is that you shouldn’t forget about the things that matter to you. Helping other entrepreneurs and promoting the spread of entrepreneurship is important to me. This blog helps me do that. Therefore, I’ll be sure to stay focused from here on out. Thanks.

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