Does The Name of Your Company Matter?

What’s in a name?

Twitter? Foursquare? Google? What does these words mean? More importantly, did these names have any bearing on the company’s success? Four years ago, “tweeting” was a sound that a bird made. Three years ago, Foursquare was simply a game you played at the playground. Now these words have engulfed themselves in common language. You will rarely see anymore We Make Widgets Incorporated {fictional name} company names. “My Two And a Half Cents” was decided as the official name of this blog because everything that I posted was thoughts, ideas and opinions of mine (my two cents), supported with facts, examples and relevance (the additional half). recently published an article that explained how some of the world’s most famous tech companies got their name. Most of these companies received venture funding. Most of these companies demonstrated exponential growth within two years of their launch. Ironically, most of these companies have a name that doesn’t exactly explain what they do.

I think the one thing that the Second Web Era (the more recent and practical dot com era of startups) has demonstrated to us is that a name doesn’t mean much. If your services/products are practical, easy-to-use, inexpensive/free and relevant to most people’s lives, then it has great potential to be successful.

With that being said, what’s the name of your startup?

You can find the the Mashable article here:

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