Define Your Company in 3 Easy Words

For many startups, the founder is the brand. However, as the company grows, it becomes vital to define to all publics, internal and external, what the company stands for and what the mission is. The most effective way to define your mission in an effective manner is by creating a 3-word mantra.

Let’s start with explaining what a mantra is. Basically, a mantra is a phrase or saying that defines what your company stands for, its mission or its position. This phrase may or may not be used for external publics. Why three words? Well, a 3-word mantra has been proven to be more effective because it is often more memorable, yet allows enough words to convey a message. Countless large corporations have effectively mastered the art of the mantra.

Here are some examples of successful mantras:

Nike: Authentic athletic performance

Google: Don’t be evil

Starbucks: Rewarding everyday moments

Disney: Fun family entertainment

When you are attempting to construct your mantra, here are a few things to keep in mind: What are the values of your company? What do you stand for? Who makes your company great? Once you understand the answers to these questions, it will be easier to create a mantra. Brainstorm some ideas, discuss them with your team and say it out loud over and over. Understand that this 3-word phrase encompasses the spirit of your company. Once you create your official mantra, you will soon see that your company’s vision will be more aligned among all your team members.

My inspiration to write this post actually came when I read a great article in Black Enterprise Magazine about brand building, which included an interview with Daymond John, the founder of the successful clothing line FUBU. The article elaborated on the power that a company’s mantra or slogan can have. After reading it and considering all the examples, I thought that this lesson can be extremely valuable to all entrepreneurs, especially those who are beginning to launch their business and build their brand. If your company has a mantra, let me know what it is. Leave a comment below.

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