I Am Cheating On My Wife With A Startup

The late-night phone calls (from international team members), pieces of paper in my pant pocket with phone numbers on them (sales leads that have not been contacted yet) and spending a lot of time “at the office” (re-calculating the project specifications) are all the things that have finally caught up to me. As hard as I try to hide it, I think my wife knows what is going on.

We agreed that when I started a business I would maintain a sense of balance within my life. However, as any entrepreneur knows, building a business is a round-the-clock job. There are always things that need to be done and never enough time to do them. On the other hand, maintaining a balance between our personal and professional lives is not only a good idea, but can save your relationship. After careful consideration to planning, priorities and strategy, I have compiled actions that I have done that have improved my balance in life as an entrepreneur.

The following is an outline of things to do to better manage your personal and professional lives, without sacrificing either:

  1. Begin by discussing your long term goals with the business and what expectations you have of your spouse.
  2. Set aside time each week when you will spend quality time and not discuss business at all (unless you receive a call that Google wants to acquire your company).
  3. Create a more structured schedule that will allow you to optimize your work-time so that you will be more available “after-hours.”
  4. Allocate the workload to available team members so that all the responsibilities don’t sit solely on your shoulders.
  5. Find a way to get your significant other involved in your venture (if that person is willing).
  6. Use technology to be more productive during your downtime (smart phones, laptops, etc).
  7. Be conscious of how your significant other is feeling and communicate.

Consistently working on these concepts can help any entrepreneur find a better balance in life between their business and their significant other. For full disclosure, I should state that I am not exactly married, but I am in a committed and long-term relationship. The term “wife” makes for a better headline. However, I do understand the difficult dynamic of maintaining a great balance between the business and the significant other.

Finding other methods of managing the various relationships in your life can only be accomplished if you designate time and effort to improving your situation. If you have additional tips that have proved to be beneficial, I would love to hear them. Feel free to post them below so that we can learn from your success.

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