Are We Spoiled?

I engaged in an interesting debate today about whether or not there is too much online content that is available for free . More specifically, the argument was about the fact that so many blogs, social media sites and Web 2.0 sites provide excessive content with no charge. Is this trend ruining the ability to entrepreneurs to profit from valuable information. Within the confines of my specific debate, the famous blogger proposed charging a fee for his content. I, along with countless others, were taken back and found the idea insulting. Then I paused and asked myself, are we spoiled? Have we been so over-exposed to thousands of free tools, resources and content via Web 2.0 sites and blogs that we feel that we deserve it? Does that make it right? I find the issue very interesting because it appears that the primary success of new media is predicated on the ability to share information, fast and free.

On one side, I think that people should feel obliged to provide free content. The fact that your knowledge can benefit others should be reason enough to provide the information to others, right? It doesn’t hurt you to help me. However, the capitalist inside me realizes that we should take note of the excessive amount of information that Web 2.0 sites and  bloggers. Its more than fair that I should be able to charge a subscription fee for providing valuable information to you on a regular basis. Its my right. More importantly, if you don’t want the information, don’t buy it. What worries me is that too much value, resources and information is being provided for free. What happened to the spirit of capitalism that allowed us to prosper as we do?

What do you think?

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