My Five Predictions About the Future That Few People Agree With

The Future of Technology

The people who consistently build products and services that reach massive scale are often those who are able to accurately predict what people want, often before people realize they want them.

I tend to follow the works, speeches and thoughts of these people more often than I follow traditional journalists. One person who fits this category for many in the tech community is Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, and early investor in Facebook, SpaceX and many more.

Last year, Thiel published an amazing book titled Zero to One which highlighted important themes for aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the key themes was that many of the greatest businesses derived from someone’s fundamental belief of something that opposed both popular opinion and common sense.

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How You Can Prevent the Next Enterprise Security Breach: Invert the Model

How to Prevent Security Breach

Target, Anthem, JP Morgan, Sony, Home Depot and Ebay – what do they all have in common? All of these companies suffered from a significant data breach, hacking incident or major security compromise.

The biggest victim: you.

The likelihood that you’ve purchased products or used services from any of the above listed companies is relatively high, whether you’ve done so directly or indirectly through corporate partnerships.

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Building Strictly for Mobile: The Choice for Startups in Developing Markets

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With over 2 billion smartphones in use around the world, the growing dominance of mobile technology becomes undebatable.

This is true for consumer use-cases and business use-cases alike. People are increasingly dependent on mobile apps and technology to get things done in a personal and professional context.

For developing economies, this reliance is on an entirely different spectrum. Mobile is everything.

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